Bottom Line benefits

Take advantage of benefits from the Government in Duty deferrals, exemptions through the set up and value added operations conducted in foreign trade zones.

Operational Efficiencies

Streamline and automate paperwork processing through transactions processed through a cloud based platform; Scale your operations effectively through our knowledgable resources

Community economic impact

Enable job creation in cities and communities where you operate and gain positive PR

FTZSoft - Answer to your Foreign Trade Zone operations

Effective, Efficient, Easy to use

Purpose Built Software

Our software is built based on years of working with and understanding the processes related to foreign trade zone operations.

Cloud Based SaaS Product

With our cloud based offering, there is no software to implement, nothing to configure. We handle it all

Certification by CBP Awaited

We are eagerly anticipating the certification of the software by CBP anytime now to facilitate direct filing of the 214 and other forms with Customs.

Services to supplement

Our knowledgeable staff can not only help configure the product and implement it, but can also assist you in day-to-day operations by taking over the processing on your behalf.

Are you ready to continue your quest?